‘Yes, I Decided to Walk Out’: Chirag Paswan Agrees With Amit Shah on Breaking Alliance Ahead of Polls

Lok Janshakti Party chief Chirag Paswan. (PTI Photo)

The comment came a day after Amit Shah said it was a tough situation for the NDA with Chirag commenting on Nitish Kumar but still it was the LJP leader who broke the alliance.

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  • Last Updated: October 18, 2020, 11:06 IST

A day after Union Home Minister Amit Shah said it was Chirag Paswan who broke the alliance with the NDA ahead of the Bihar polls, the national president of the LJP said he agreed with Shah that it was his decision to walk out of the pact. “Amit Shah-ji is right, it was my decision that I could not walk with them any longer. But he lives in my heart.”

Chirag added that he was not of the opinion that development could come through “pipes and bylanes”.

The LJP leader’s comment came a day after Shah, in an interview with News18 Network Managing Director and Group Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi, said only Chirag Paswan could answer why he is not fighting with us. “On the issue of Paswan fighting independently, the BJP and the JD(U) offered the LJP the seat share they deserved multiple times. We held negotiations many times and I myself spoke to Chirag several times over the seat distribution.”

He added, “It was a given that with the JD(U) forming an alliance with us, the seat share of the BJP and LJP would be reduced. However, we couldn’t come to a consensus and we had to part ways. The statements made by Chirag Paswan against our alliance partner Nitish Kumar have created ripple effects in the parties. It was a tough situation for us and we still did not break the alliance. It was Chirag who finally made the announcement.”

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