Tiny doggo takes huge dog for a walk, video is all kinds of adorable

A video of two doggos, one tiny and one huge, is receiving all the love from people. These “Canadian pups living the dream in the big city”, named Jasper and Louise, have their own Instagram account where the video was shared. Now it has made many go “aww,” chances are you’ll do the same.

“Who needs pawrents when you’ve got a Louise to walk you,” reads the post’s caption. After seeing the video you’ll be inclined to agree as it shows the little one tightly holding the leash of the big one in its jaws. The entire video shows how they walk around while in that position and it’s indeed a delight to watch.

Take a look and get ready to catch yourself smiling:

With over 23,000 views and close to 3,400 likes, the video is adorable to say the least.

“What a patient older bro,” wrote an Instagram user praising Jasper. Expressing the same nothing another person called it “tolerant” too. “OMG! This is so adorable,” wrote a third. “How adorable are you too! Sending lots of love and tight squish,” expressed a fourth.

What do you think of the video?

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