These netizens are feeding strays in this new #PassTheFood challenge. Watch

The Internet is full of trends and challenges that provide entertainment to netizens. However , this new challenge taken up by some netizens is something that will let you help some innocent souls, the dogs – and make you feel good along the way too. Inspired by the popular #PassTheBrush challenge a group of influencers from Kolkata has taken up the #PassTheFood challenge. This is the type of content that’ll make you feel good and if you’re a dog lover, it’ll melt your heart.

The challenge is quite simple. It requires the participants to feed the strays outside their houses, as many as possible. This challenge is something that will help the dogs to fill their furry tummies.

A clip posted on Facebook by social media influencer Satyajit Majumder shows several netizens taking up the challenge. Throughout the video, just like the pass the brush challenge, people are passing on biscuits instead of make-up brushes.

“When time gets tough, we need to come together as a community. So that we all can survive and let the hardships pass. And while we are staying safe indoors, we are united virtually,” reads the caption.

Check out the noble initiative:

Posted on May 30, the clip has garnered over 6.3 lakh views and tons of applause from netizens. While some lauded the kind initiative, others pledged to feed the helpless strays.

“Thank you for such a kind initiative. Hope the message will be effective and reach out to people,” writes a Facebook user. “This is an awesome and meaningful challenge! Street animals are starving these days. I also feed 10-14 dogs every day in my area,” comments another. “Kudos to the initiative,” congratulates a third.

What do you think of the initiative? Will you take it up?

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