There’s a snake hiding in plain sight in this picture. Can you spot it?

There is a certain amount of thrill associated with the ‘spot this’ posts which often surface on social media. Easy or tough, the puzzles can keep people engrossed and entertained. Not to forget, the end result – an instant dose of satisfaction. Just like this image shared on Facebook in which people have to spot a snake hidden in plain sight. The question is how quickly you can find the crawly creature.

Shared on Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Gold Coast’s official Facebook page. The image shows a backyard of the house. “Spot the snake time!” reads the caption. Along with the challenge, the agency also left a note of caution and wrote that these are the kinds of yards which are perfect for snakes to hide, indicating the messiness of the backyard.

Did you find it? If you’re still squinting your eyes to spot the creature, then you’re not alone. Several people wrote on the post how they were unable to find the snake. Some, however, were quick to spot the creature and they even shared the images of the same. Here’s a reply by a Facebook user who circled the area where the snake is hiding:

A Facebook user circled the snake’s hiding place on the image.

Expressing the same, another user of the platform wrote “In the wood pile of course.” There were several who wrote that the snake is a python. One Facebook user even wrote “This is an easy one.”

Unable to spot it at first glance, a Facebook user wrote, “It look me quite long to spot that one.”

How much time did it take you to spot the snake?

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