Searching for some Monday Motivation? Let these adorable donkeys cheer you up

If you are in search of a little pick-me-up, then you’re at the right place. We have collected some loveable and endearing animal content for you which certainly have the capability to make your lips curl up in a sweet smile. So, sit back, relax, and let these cute donkeys melt your heart into a puddle with their adorableness.

Let’s start with this absolutely heartwarming post which captures a “tender moment between a mum and her daughter.” The sweet image shows the mum donkey cleaning her baby’s neck and we must warn you that the cuteness quotient of this image is too high to handle.

Next in the line is a video of two donkeys playing with a ball. Wondering what is that game? It could be a combination of tug of war, football, or rugby, or a game from the donkey world still unknown to hoomans. Whatever it may be, the video is a delight to watch. 

Then there is this video which perfectly captures why you should never “interrupt a donkey on a roll.”

Nothing to see here, just a donkey sleeping and looking cute. Show us something cuter than this … we’ll wait.

While we’re talking about cute videos how can we miss this clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout session with his pet donkey Lulu. If this clip doesn’t make you say “aww,” repeatedly, we don’t know what will.

Which of these videos you like the most?

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