Rescue tale of Roho the orphaned baby elephant melts people’s hearts. Watch

There are many types of videos on the Internet, among them are some which one can’t scroll past without watching at least once. This clip showing the one-year “rescueversary” of Roho the little orphaned elephant perfectly fits that category. It is one such clip which may melt your heart into a puddle.

Shared on Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Twitter profile, the clip shows Roho’s journey from being rescued to finding a home amid other elephants.

This video documents the time from when he was initially rescued, back in 2019, to how his life has been since. It also shows the happy little one playing with the other jumbos.

“Today is Roho’s 1 year #rescueversary. He was found huddled by the body of his deceased mother in 2019. Now he has a loving home with us until he’s ready to return to the wild,” informs the caption. The post is complete with a blog link that details Roho’s story.

Check out the video here:

Posted on October 16, the clip has garnered over 9,300 views along with more than 1,500 likes. People couldn’t stop gushing over the tiny elephant and the heartwarming rescue story. Many also dropped appreciative comments about the trust’s noble initiative to save elephants.

What are your thoughts on this adorable rescued baby elephant?

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