Redditor asks people to share the best way to eat this chocolate biscuit. Here are the answers

Ask a foodie and they’ll tell you not only their favourite dishes to eat but also the ideal way to enjoy those according to them. Chai lovers will tell you the exact amount of tea, milk and sugar to add to their drink to make it the way they like it. Then there’s the choice of biscuits – from its size, to flavor, to whether or not it should be dipped in the beverage, the choices are many. And that’s one example. So, a Reddittor asked people a similar question about enjoying a certain food item. And people happily obliged with answers.

“What’s the best way to eat Hide n Seek?” Reddit user thatcityboi asked people three days ago. The post has since collected several different replies.

“Hello my dudes and dudettes. I’m sure you all must be familiar with Hide n Seek, the godsent bits of dessert. This a just post regarding what’s the best way to eat a Hide n Seek cookies?” he asked elaborating his question. In the post, the Reddit user also shared some options such as milk, coffee, whipped cream or something else.

“I’m just someone who really likes these and would love to savour them in the best possible way. Any other innovative you have discovered, please let me know,” he added further.

What’s the best way to eat Hide N Seek? from r/india

People didn’t disappoint and shared several replies.

“There’s only one acceptable way to eat hide-n-seek, line by line,” wrote an individual. “I do it with milk all the time. Thanks to this cookies I have gained +5KG,” added another. “As it is. Right out of the packet,” shared a third.

Some also shared options like white chocolate, jam, Nutella and even peanut butter.

“Cold Water. Always try biscuits with water. You’d be surprised,” shared an individual.

So what about you? How do you enjoy these biscuits?

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