Police official helps woman who recovered from Covid-19 get her job back

A police official in Chennai is winning tremendous praise on Twitter after he helped a woman, who recovered from Covid-19, resume her job.

Tweets shared by DCP Adyar and IPS Association explain how the official convinced flat association members, who asked the woman not to resume her work even after she recovered from corona.

“I appreciate Hari Kiran IPS, DCP T.Nagar for his commitment in personally convincing the association members to provide employment to Radha amma, who was asked not to report even after recovering from corona,” tweeted DCP Adyar.

The Twitter handle of IPS Association shared the tweet using the hashtag #GoodJobCop. “Radha Amma (a sanitary worker) treated every home as her own but flat association members were hesitant to get her back after she beat COVID. Hari Kiran IPS, DCP T.Nagar convinced the members to provide employment to her,” said the tweet.

The tweets have received several appreciative comments from tweeple.

“Thank You! Thank you very much for the support. God Bless You- I am truly holding my tears,” wrote a Twitter user. “Excellent job,” wrote another.

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