PM Modi calls for real-time national level monitoring of COVID-19 affected states; says Delhi approach should be applied to NCR region

As the novel coronavirus outbreak gained momentum in India, Delhi had witnessed an alarming surge in cases, with Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia even stating some time ago that the city could see around 5.5 lakh cases by the end of July.

As cases continued to multiply Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was seen meeting with many officials including Home Minister Amit Shah. Additional facilities were put in place, and concerted efforts were made to curb the spread of the virus in the national capital.

Speaking on Saturday, Prime Minister Modi in a review meeting lauded the efforts of the Centre, State and local authorities in containing the pandemic situation in Delhi. As per a missive by the PMO, as well as the Prime Minister’s website, Modi has directed that a similar approach be adopted with the other state governments to contain the virus in the entire NCR region.

“Had an extensive meeting to review the COVID-19 situation across the nation. Took stock of the ongoing efforts to contain the infection. Priority is close monitoring and guiding the containment works in regions where the infection rate is high,” Modi tweeted.

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