Parshuram Jayanti: Lockdown keeps it a low affair in Indore

Indore: Devotees of Maharishi Parshuram began their worship of Parshuram Jayanti by keeping a fast from Saturday evening. Unlike every year, Janapav in Indore district is the birthplace of Maharshi Parshuram, remained stranded on Saturday evening.

Every year, a grand celebration with communal meal was organised at Janapav along with four-day long yagya. Members of Sarva Brahmin community generally take out a procession in Indore as well.

This year, the community members stayed home and prayed to lord Parshuram to help the country in fighting coronavirus.

Yagya and prayer rituals began from Saturday night in Brahmin homes. Usually, people visit temples and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu.

However, due to lockdown, all the community members have to stay home. Community members began the night-long worship by reciting Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra.

Devotee Yamini Upadhyay said, “Lord Parshuram is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and our guru.” She explained that lord Parshuram was a Brahmin warrior who was a disciple of Lord Shiva.

“He was the mentor of Mahabharata characters Dronacharya, Bhishma and Karna. According to a legend, Lord Vishnu in his Parshuram Avatar ended the treachery of the Kshatriya race and defeated demon king Kiratarjuna,” Yamini said.

She explained that Parshuram Jayanti is a day to remember and recall the lessons taught by life story of lord Parshuram.

“Lord Parshuram is the Brahmin warrior, and we can learn about balance and humanity from him,” Kishore Sharma, a businessman, said. He added that some traits of lord Parshuram include aggression, warfare and valour, but at the same time serenity, prudence and patience.

“The basic moral that we must remember especially in today’s lockdown time is that both these opposing characteristics are present within us, and with lesson from lord Parshuram, we must learn to use these powers inside us wisely,” priest Govindram Sharma said.

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