Netflix India tweets hilarious disclaimer while watching Dark, netizens agree

If you’re a science-fiction buff or just a staunch follower of stuff related to time-travel, chances are you’ve watched Netflix series Dark and are spending your days with numerous questions like ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. We assure you that you’re not alone. After Netflix released the third season of Dark on June 27, the Internet is spending a lot of time figuring out the nitty-gritties of this time-travel series. Netizens are racking their brains to find certain answers in the plot and Netflix India also joined in.

Posted on their official Twitter page, Netflix India shared a tweet with a hilarious twist regarding the series.

“If you’re watching multiple episodes of DARK remember to take a break and do something less hectic like solving differential equations or calculating the mass of the sun,” reads the caption.

Netizens found this witty ‘disclaimer’ as the perfect description to the complex plot-line of the series. Take a look at the tweet:

Posted on June 28, the tweet has garnered over 10,800 likes and tons of comments from netizens sharing their experiences while watching the series. Some even accepted the fact that probably calculating the mass of the sun is less complex than the plot of Dark.

If you’ve just dipping your toes in the enormous world of Dark, here’s a cheat sheet from a netizen to help you out.

So grab your badam, sharpen your logical reasoning skills and then watch Dark. Also don’t forget to solve some differential equations as prescribed by Netflix India during a break.

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