Mumbai Police says dino from Google’s T-Rex game is ‘dino-snoring’. Here’s why

The plan is simple, to hit the space bar and help the cute T-Rex jump over the approaching cacti so it can live and continue its endless run. By now, you must have guessed that we are talking about Google’s hidden gem – the dinosaur game. Though it’s highly unlikely, if you haven’t heard about the game, it appears when Chrome browser detects that you’re offline. Precisely, the game appears on the ‘Unable to connect to the Internet’ error page. Now Mumbai Police, quite brilliantly, has taken reference from the game to send across an important message. Chances are that the department’s post will leave you both surprised and amazed.

The department shared three images on Instagram which together form the complete picture. The caption on the picture set reads, “eer_dinosaur_disonnected”. The images show the familiar background of Google’s dinosaur game but without the T-Rex anywhere in sight. It’s in the post caption’s the department reveals why the dino is missing. They wrote, “T-Rex is ‘dino-snoring’ at his home.” In the following line, they added a note of caution and asked people to follow the dino. “He only steps out for essentials, like you should,” they wrote. Also, they used two hashtags #StayHomeStaySafe and #ConnectWithTheRules while sharing the post.

Since being shared about 6 hours ago, the post has gathered close to 8,700 likes – and counting. It has also received tons of appreciative comments from impressed people.

“Creativity of the post is lit,” wrote an Instagram user. “That’s so fabulousirous,” punnily wrote another. “Good one,” praised a third.

What do you think of Mumbai Police’s post?

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