Moose the ‘saint bunnard’ does this to keep the environment clean

Moose, a ‘saint bunnard doggo’, though some may insist he is a bunny, is Twitter’s new favourite hero. People love him as he is doing his bit in keeping the environment clean. Chances are, his antics may inspire you to change for better too.

Shared on We Rate Dogs’ official Twitter profile, the post shows two images of a bunny … err… ‘saint bunnard’. The pictures show the furry animal drinking juice through a straw. A closer look reveals that the straw he is using is not made up of plastic but steel. Why? It’s because “he’s an environmentalist King.”

“This is Moose. He’s just having his smoothie. Metal straw because he’s an environmentalist king. 14/10 good boy would pet,” reads the caption accompanying the post.

Take a look at the images:

Since being shared just a few days ago, the post has gathered close to one million likes – and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, it has also garnered nearly 10,000 retweets. Wondering what people had to say about this little fluffy creature? Most were simply happy to see the images. Some, however, argued that the images show a bunny and also a few – jokingly – asked Moose’s breed. To answer those inquires, the original poster shared that the dog is called “saint bunnard.”

A curious Twitter user asked, “Um, how does he drink through a straw,” To which, We Rate Dogs replied:

Here’s how others reacted:

“That dog looks suspiciously like a bunny,” joked a Twitter user. “Moose is clearly a dog,” emphasised another. Dog or not, Moose is undoubtedly a good boi who keeps the environment clean too. What do you think?

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