Lost dog visits vet’s clinic to find its way back to human parent

There is no denying the fact that the pets are very precious to their hooman parents. However, at times what we overlook is that they also showcase incredible intelligence. A video, from Thailand, proves that perfectly.

This is the story of 4-month-old dog Khiew Ngern and how its smartness helped the pooch to find its way back to its owner. Shared on the Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic’s Facebook page, the story is now winning people over. Chances are it’ll do the same for you too.

The clinic shared two posts which detail how the dog visited the place and started barking. It even used its front paws to knock on a glass door. It kept doing so until one of the staff members opened the door and allowed the animal to come in.

Veterinarian Saengduen Chotepanus, who initially thought the pooch looks familiar, finally recognised it as one of their patients, reports Bangkok Post. She had previously treated the dog and had its owner’s details. So, Chotepanus called the pet parent who rushed to the clinic to get reunited with their much-loved pooch.

Take a look at the video which shows the dog outside the clinic:

Here is another post by the clinic which shows the dog reunited with its owner.

Both the posts received tons of comments from people. From praising the dog to emotional comments, people shared various reactions.

“Very smart dog,” reads a comment translated from Thai. “Smart dog. Thanks to the clinic who called her owner,” wrote another Facebook user. “So clever, lucky dog,” expressed a third.

What do you think of the tale?

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