‘Life doesn’t work on some slow gradual ascent’: Ethan Hawke

On ‘The Off Camera Show’ with Sam Jones, actor and director Ethan Hawke talked about his documentary on the pianist ‘Seymour: An Introduction’. Regarding the pianist, Hawke said, “He basically had come to feel that blind pursuit of success at his profession was detrimental to his development as a man”

Hawke also candidly spoke of his days as a young man, when he was looked at as someone who was promising but as he grew older, he realised that life wasn’t a steady slope in an upward direction, “Life doesn’t work on some slow gradual ascent where every decision makes sense. You know, it was turning into much more of a slog where sometimes up, sometimes down. Sometimes twisted, sometimes what you thought was a failure turned into success, sometimes what you thought was a success turned into a failure.”

Hawke mentioned some poignant points about happiness, regarding his conversation with Seymour Bernstein, There is no happiness without meeting your responsibilities. People always want talk that happiness is pleasure. But is almost never is. What makes you happy is doing a good job, saying you’re do something doing it. You feel good. A job well done. That’s the real source of our self-esteem.”

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