Kid hears mom’s voice for the first time. His reaction is pure bliss

A heartwarming moment has been captured in a video and when you see it, you’ll probably want to know who is cutting onions around you. But the clip is so beautiful, you cannot afford to miss it. The video captures the delightful moment a little baby hears his mom’s voice for the first time after getting hearing implants. The precious moment has brought smiles and happy tears to many on social media and will likely have the same impact on you as well.

“My baby got his hearing aids today. Look at his face,” says the caption shared along with the video that has collected over 4.5 million views, and counting.

The moment was recorded when Maison McMillian and his mother Lauryn Webb were at VCU Children’s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, United States to get the one-year-old his hearing aids, reports ABC News.

“Maison, hi, can you hear me?” Webb asks her son in the video. The boy immediately smiles and even responds to her in the sweetest way. Watch the video to see the heartening moment. And let us remind you, it’s alright to tear up.

The clip was followed by pictures showing Maison’s excitement.

The video, since being shared on September 16, has also collected over 4.9 lakh likes and more than 81,000 reactions. The comments section of the post is flooded with reactions from Twitter who can’t help but celebrate the wonderful moment.

“Who is slicing onions?” wrote an individual. “The greatest thing I’ve seen all year, thank you for sharing this experience,” wrote another.

What do you think about the video?

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