Human pretends to put dog on a diet. What he does next has people in splits

People these days are taking up different challenges involving their pets. Among them is one in which a human pretends to put their dog on a diet to see how they react. This person tried the challenge with their doggo and how it turned out has people laughing out loud.

The video has been shared on an Instagram account called ‘dunkinandfriends’. The clip features Dunkin who is being pranked. He, of course, doesn’t know.

When the video starts, the text, “I was told to pretend to put Dunkin on a diet and see his reaction” appears on the screen. Moments later, the person proceeds to take out some dog food for Dunkin who can be seen waiting patiently for his food. The person then proceeds to put exactly three pellets in Dunkin’s bowl.

He looks at the food, then back at his human almost in disbelief. He immediately runs away and after a few moments, emerges with a knife in his mouth.

Watch the video below:

Posted on October 12, the video has collected over 64,000 views and more than 12,700 likes along with lots comments.

“Less foodo, you get the stabbo,” commented an individual. “This went exactly the way that I thought it would,” wrote another. “That look he gave you right after you put in the dish was hilarious,” shared a third. Well, that look was everything.

“How did he even get that knife? I’m laughing,” asked a fourth.

What do you think of this doggo?

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