Home guard jawan risks like to save dog from overflowing stream in Telengana. Watch

This is a heartwarming video of how a home guard jawan jumped into a dangerous situation to save the life of a dog without thinking about his own. This is a story of compassion. Some may even say it’s an incident which perfectly captures the true spirit of humanity.

Shared on Twitter by ANI, the video captures how the home guard named Mujeed rescued a dog that was stuck in “thick bushes at the bank of an overflowing stream in Nagarkurnool.”

It shows Mujeed standing amid gushing water, holding onto an excavator bucket for support, trying to coax the dog to come closer to him. This continues for a few seconds, until the dog decides to give in and move closer to him. Eventually, he helps the canine climb onto the bucket and does that himself too. As the excavator starts pulling the duo towards safety, people cheer on in the background.

Since being shared a few hours ago, the video has already gathered more than 74,000 views – and the numbers are only increasing. People couldn’t stop sharing appreciative messages for Mujeed who risked his own safety to save the dog.

Amid this, there were a few who were reminded of a heartbreaking incident involving a dog which took place a few days back. A 29-year-old man in Bhopal threw a street dog in a lake. A video of the incident went viral online and the man was eventually booked.

What do you think of the rescue video?

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