Guitar made using colour pencils wows people. Can you guess how many?

“Human creativity knows no limit”, though clichéd, every word of this phrase is filled with truth, and a video shared on YouTube’s official Twitter account proves that yet again.

The video, originally shared in April on YouTube Channel Burls Art, has again grabbed people’s attention and took them by surprise after being tweeted today.

The original video, which is over 13 minutes long, shows a person building the guitar using several coloured pencils. According to the caption of the YouTube post, the number is precisely 1200. However, it’s not just the creation which will amaze you. What may surprise you even further is how the video ends – with the person playing the recently crafted instrument.

YouTube posted a shorter version on Twitter and shared this:

Did we hear you say “wow?” Wait till you see the entire clip, you probably won’t be able to stop gasping. Here is the full video:

Since being shared on Twitter, the video has gathered over 81,000 views – and the numbers are only increasing. Expectedly, people shared their amazement while commenting on the video.

“This is really cool,” wrote a Twitter user and this is a sentiment which is expressed by several others. “Wow! I always wanted to learn to play the guitar and tried at school and never achieved it but I would own this just for its awesome look. I love it,” praised another.

Here’s how others reacted:

The story doesn’t end here, as this is not the first guitar this artist has created using unusual materials. In fact, their YouTube channel is filled with similar videos which will leave you mesmerised. The most recent one is the person crafting a guitar using 50 pounds of salt.

What do you think of the videos?

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