Expect the unexpected in this cat video. Be sure to watch till the very end

Cat parents may attest to the fact that their furry feline children are usually easily startled. Clips of these happenings generally make for super fun watches. But there may be one thing even more exciting to watch than cat startle videos, and that is unexpected cat startle videos.

This almost five-second-long video was posted on Reddit on September 17. “Was trying to get a video of her attacking a moth, but got this instead,” reads the caption shared alongside the clip.

The recording shows a black-furred feline sitting atop a windowsill. It looks towards the window glass, eyeing the insect. However, before it can make any moves, another cat enters the frame.

Watch what happens next for some guaranteed giggles:

Since being shared on the subreddit ‘startled cats’ this post received a whole lot of love from netizens, and expectedly so. It currently has nearly 9,500 upvotes and over 30 comments.

Here is what Reddit users had to say about the share. One person said, “Boing!” probably utilising onomatopoeia to emphasise the cats’ actions.

Another individual wrote, “I love how cats use body slams as affection among each other”. “Moth: pick someone your own size!” read one comment under the post, trying to narrate the moth’s perspective over the whole ordeal.

Somebody else proclaimed, “I was fully ready to see that adorable ball of teeth and claws make that curtain into a hammock”. Well, as we said, expect the unexpected from this cat video.

What are your thoughts on the share?

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