Ever thought what cats think? This TikTok video may give you a clue

A lot of questions about a lot of things have remained unanswered till date. But alas nobody has asked the most ‘essential’ question of all times – what do cats think?

If you’re a feline lover sometimes you may wonder what exactly goes on inside those fluffy heads. Maybe it’s the dream of being a feline felon and stealing all those yummy food that humans never let them eat or probably a purrformer rocking the world with their adorable meows. We may never figure that out, but we can surely imagine. Just like this TikTok video and there’s a chance that it’ll make you laugh out loud too.

The clip shows a chonky cat staring intently at something as its human narrates an imaginary scenario of what could be playing on the feline’s mind – “Dear diary, my bowl is only half full and it is obvious that I will soon starve to death”. The dramatic narration continues to further describe the feline’s ‘sufferings’. The clip ends with a disappointed look from the cat himself.


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The clip has garnered over 1.6 million likes and tons of assumptions from netizens.

“Someone is planning your murder,” warns a TikTok user. “His look at the end! I’m dying,” writes another. “This is so my cat. Oh wait! This is every cat,” comments a third.

We wish we could read feline minds, till then let’s assume that they love all those hugs and kisses we shower on them.

What do you think of this cat?

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