Even Spider-Man would melt after watching this kid praise his favourite character. Video is too cute

Spider-Man was famously told by his uncle, “with great power comes great responsibility”. While we’re sure the super-hero won’t forget this message, here’s a little video that may help remind him of his impact on so many others. The clip shows a little boy talking about his favourite character, that is none other than, Spider-Man and what makes him so special. We’re sure if Spider-Man were to watch this video, even he would melt after hearing this adorable boy’s words of praise.

The video was posted on Twitter by restaurateur Harjinder Singh Kukreja. “Instagram is down so enjoy this video of my younger son talking about his favourite person,” he tweeted along with the video. “It was an assignment by his teacher that his mom had to submit via WhatsApp,” he added.

In the clip, the little boy says his name and then proceeds to list all the things he loves about Spider-Man. While the video itself will melt your heart thanks to all the adorableness, the boy’s little ‘thank you’ at the end of the clip may make you ‘aww’ some more.

Posted earlier today, the 27-seconds-long video has collected over 2,000 likes and many comments.

“What a lovely little boy! Spider-Man is my favourite too,” says an individual. “A fine young man, i bet your so proud rightly so,” adds another.

What do you think about the speech?

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