Earth Day 2020: Blue Planet ‘still beautiful,’ say astronauts in space. It’s the positivity you need for the day

Today on Earth Day, we bring you a much needed positive message all the way from space. It’s a video of a digital show involving astronauts form ISS (International Space Station) and the clip is now giving netizens the much-needed dose of optimism amid the ongoing situation.

The video was posted on Twitter by NASA featuring John Krasinski, an actor, as the host. He started the show titled ‘Some Good News’ from his home which highlights the positive things happening around the globe. It also detailed the various amazing things humankind had achieved in terms of space exploration. The main attraction of the show, however, was a group of out of the world guests – three astronauts from the ISS.

In the video, the astronauts shared some tips on how to tackle isolation. They also did a back flip in zero gravity. The video concluded with the note that the Earth still looks very beautiful and is a place worth returning to.

Check out the video:

The video has garnered over 9.3 lakh views and still counting. The message of optimism expressed in the video also received appreciation from netizens.

Here’s how they reacted:

This Earth Day, let’s learn from our mistakes and try to make our planet as beautiful as it looks from the space.

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