Cat perfectly demonstrates how to wind up its hooman parent. Watch

If you’re a cat parent or are generally related to someone who is raising a furry little feline, then you may know about kitties’ cheeky nature. This particular video exemplifies that mischievous behaviour that cats are notorious for.

Posted on Reddit on July 30, this clip is almost 20 seconds long. The recording has been shared with a caption reading, “How to annoy people. Step 1: scratch at the door. Step 2: wait patiently for someone to get up and open the door. Step 3: look disinterested and walk away”.

At the beginning of the film, viewers see a white-and-brown furred feline sitting outside through a glass door. The camera person, who is indoors, walks towards the door and pulls it open to let the kitty inside. The cat, however, stays put in its position on the doormat. After staring at nothing in particular for a few seconds, the feline gets up and walks away. The video ends with the hooman closing the door.

Wow, no wonder this pet parent feels annoyed. Their actions were of no avail. We hope this hooman gets a lot of sweet hugs and kisses to make up for this shenanigan.

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Since being shared, this post has garnered almost 35,000 and over 500 comments.

Here is what Redditors had to say about this three-step strategy to wind up somebody. One person said, “It isn’t that he wants in. He just wants to know how long it would take if he actually wanted in”.

Another individual wrote, “Aww, he wants you to go outside with him”. “I had not considered that. He does this several times a day!” responded the original poster.

“Classic,” read one comment on the subreddit. Yes, this seems like some classic ‘cattitude’.

What are your thoughts on this furry feline?

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