Cat eats a piece of cabbage by accident. Is definitely not impressed. Watch

If you were a fussy eater growing up who would get annoyed at their parents for sneakily feeding you your greens, then you will probably relate to this cat video.

Posted on Reddit on July 11, this clip is almost 10 seconds long. The recording has been shared with a caption reading, “The moment he realises it’s cabbage and not string”.

The clip begins with a close-up shot of a white-and-grey furred feline. The cat is seen hanging out with its hooman, who is dangling a flimsy green-coloured thread in front of it. The kitty sniffs the string a few times and then catches it in its mouth. The feline chews on the thread. A few seconds into the gnawing, the cat realises that it has been chewing on cabbage.

To say the kitty looks shocked would be an understatement. Check out its hilarious expression here:

The moment he realizes it’s cabbage and not string… from r/AnimalsBeingDerps

This post has created a lot of buzz since being shared on the subreddit ‘animals being derps’. The video currently has nearly 8,000 upvotes and almost 100 comments.

Here is what Redditors had to say about this derpy cat. One person said, “That look of instant regret”.

Many on the subreddit tried to guess the kitty’s perspective over the whole ordeal. An individual wrote, “I trusted you”. “That look says ‘You betrayed me’” read one comment on the post.

A Reddit user stated, “I thought you loved me,” from the feline’s perspective.

What are your thoughts on this kitty who is still processing the shock of eating a cabbage by accident?

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