Astronaut shares what he wants to take to the Moon, netizens love it

“What would you pack on a trip to the Moon?”, a few days back NASA had asked this question to tweeple and they shared all sorts of answers. Ranging from chocolate chip cookies to one’s favourite stuffed toy, people came up with different options. Now, astronaut Chris Cassidy has also come up with an answer and it has piqued the attention of netizens.

Cassidy shared two images of the item on Twitter and wrote that he has taken it to all his missions to space. It’s an adorable spaceman toy.

“If I was on the next mission to the Moon, I would have to bring this tiny spaceman with me! He’s flown with me on all of my missions and was in my uniform pocket for all the SEAL missions I have been a part of. Kind of like a good luck charm. #NASAMoonKit,” Cassidy described in the caption.

Check out Cassidy’s lucky charm:

Shared on October 13, the post has garnered over 6,800 likes along with more than 600 retweets. While some dropped the list of things they would take to a trip to the moon, others found the little spaceman to be a precious souvenir. Many also shared pictures of their own toy astronaut buddies in the comments section.

What are your thoughts on the astronaut’s lucky little toy?

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