Anand Mahindra shares ‘off-road’ application of Bolero. It involves books

Anand Mahindra’s Twitter account is a hit among his followers. From asking people to caption quirky pictures to sharing inspiring stories, his varied tweets never fail to create a stir among people. Case in point, his latest tweet involving a Bolero, a vehicle designed by his company, and its ’noble off-road’ application.

The business tycoon took to Twitter to share three images and wrote “Books from a Bolero. He then added, “This is truly a noble ‘Off-Road’ application.” Wondering what he’s talking about? It’s a mobile library.

“My friend Minnie from Ludhiana shared this pic. Harjinder Singh does this because he feels that people must hold and read books despite a digital world. The vehicle belongs to the Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle,” Mahindra added in the caption.

Here’s the tweet Mahindra shared:

Since being shared a few hours ago, Mahindra’s post has prompted people to drop all sorts of comments. The tweet has also received over 1,600 likes and the numbers are only increasing.

While some wrote how it is essential for everyone to read books, others were simply amazed by this wonderful tweet.

“Great application and yes we need to focus more on physical things rather than digital world. Yes there are good uses of digitalization. Sir, I request you to start an organization for sports where kids can fulfill their dreams of sports and we can educate people about physical fitness,” wrote a Twitter user. “Physical books can’t be replaced with digital one, even in libraries most people love reading books, magazines and other related articles in the physical form, even some have their mini libraries at home and they are proud of that,” commented another.

Here’s how others reacted:

What do you think of Anand Mahindra’s tweet?

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