Amul shares ‘Kamaal’ post to celebrate Kamala Harris’ historic achievement

Kamala Harris being selected as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate is a historic moment that many around the world are celebrating. She became the first black and South Asian-American woman to become a vice-presidential candidate. People from various countries, especially India and Jamaica, besides the US, are showing an outpouring of love for Harris on social media. Now, dairy company Amul has also joined the celebration with a “Kamaal” doodle.

Taking to both Instagram and Twitter, they shared a post featuring the iconic Amul girl along with Kamala Harris. Shared with the caption, “Joe Biden’s running mate…” the image perfectly captures the important moment.

Since being shared, the Insta post has amassed over 4,000 likes. As for Twitter, the post has gathered close to 1,000 likes and more than 100 retweets so far. People shared various reactions in the comments sections of both the posts.

“Expect the Expected from Amul. Loving it,” wrote an Instagram user. “All the best Kamala Harris,” wrote another.

“I am impressed. Not that I was not before,” shared a Twitter user. “You guys are always on point,” praised another.

What do you think about Amul’s post?

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