Adorable stories about nannies and kids make this thread super wholesome

Children can sometimes ask some deep questions, innocently leaving adults stumped for answers. They also don’t always understand how certain things work in the ‘grown up’ world and their understanding, or lack thereof, of those things, can make one smile. This tweet highlights one such example and is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. In fact, the tweet seemed so relatable to so many people that they couldn’t help share their own experiences around it.

Twitter user T, in her post, has shared how she’s a nanny for some kids. Her tweet highlights how they reacted when they found out that this is in fact her job. What’s even more adorable is what they thought of the whole thing.

“Today I discovered that the kids I nanny do not in fact understand that I am paid to take care of them and believe that I am just their friend who comes over to play,” she tweeted, adding, “I cannnnttttt”.

Her tweet, since being shared on September 12, has collected over 8.2 lakh likes and more than 56,000 retweets – and still counting.

The adorable and funny tweet has prompted several others to share their own experiences which are just as delightful to read.

“I used to nanny for a 2 year old. Every time I’d show up, she’d yell to her parents that ‘TT’s home’,” wrote a Twitter user. “I almost cried the first time she said it!” they added.

“The kids I helped babysit are 4 and 2, the 4 year old asked why I wasn’t with them on vacation. The mom said ‘it’s just a family vacation’ and he said ‘he’s my family too’,” shared another.

Here’s what other shared:

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