A doggo, a cat, and two kittens: Talk about the cutest interspecies family

Some may agree with us when we say that excellent family relations don’t solely thrive on similarity but the appreciation of differences amongst household members. This complementary nature of relationships is showcased best in this clip of an interspecies family that is bound to make you go ‘aww’.

Posted on Reddit on July 9, the clip is almost 30 seconds long. The video has been shared with a caption reading, “He likes the kittens”.

The recording shows a big, beautiful doggo, identified by the original poster as a Wolf Husky with a smidge of German Shepherd. The pooch is hanging out with two kittens and their mom.

The four animals chill on a carpeted floor whilst the two adults care for the younglings. The mother feline watches the kittens as they nuzzle with the doggo who licks them clean. The canine’s tail movement conveys his excitement over these new parental duties.

Since being shared to the subreddit ‘aww’, the post has received nearly 20,000 upvotes and almost 300 comments.

Check it out for below:

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Here is what Redditors had to say about this unlikely yet sweet family. One person said, “Mom obviously trusts the pupper with her babies. Must be a good boi”. To which somebody replied by saying, “The goodest of boys”.

Another individual wrote, “I love the tail wags and the most gentle licks! So cute”. “Great foster dad,” read one comment and we couldn’t agree more.

One Reddit user requested, “Please post more of this! I could watch this adoration all day”. Honestly, so could we. We do hope the original poster decides to update us on these kittens’ growth and general family developments.

What are your thoughts on this family?

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