91-year-old professor takes online lecture, netizens shower praise

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important”- the essence of this quote by billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has been perfectly captured in this post about a 91-year-old professor. Chances are the professor’s love for teaching will amaze you thoroughly.

Shared on Facebook by the professor’s daughter, Julia Krohn Mechling, the post shows the 91-year-old sitting in front of a computer. The professor, who teaches English at University of St Thomas, Minnesota, can be seen taking an online lecture.

“My father has been a professor of English at The University of St. Thomas for 50+ years. Here he is, at 91-years-old, embracing virtual teaching like a BOSS. Listening to and watching him teach Homer’s The Odyssey is a true gift,” reads the caption by Mechling. “He’s been teaching it for decades, and yet he has the passion and excitement for the text as though it’s the first time. These kids have no idea how lucky they are,” it says further.

Take a look at the post:

Shared on September 1, the post has garnered over 62,000 reactions and more than 27,000 shares. Netizens were left misty-eyed with the 91-year-old’s dedication towards teaching.

“Teaching is one of the noblest jobs for me. I have so much respect for them. Stay safe and healthy, Sir,” wrote a Facebook user. “Look at him, all dressed up for the lecture. Shiny shoes too. Such a lovely person,” commented another.

“I really wish I could take his class,” said a third.

What do you think of this heart-warming post?

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