Covid-19 and jewellery: Simple dos and don’ts to keep in mind


Amid the pandemic, our way of dressing up and wearing jewellery has completely changed. With frequent handwashing and wearing masks being the primary ways to keep the virus at bay, people are unsure of whether they should wear jewellery or not because coronavirus can survive on certain surfaces.

Chaitanya V Cotha, executive director, C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers shares certain dos and don’ts for when wearing jewellery amid pandemic.

Do not remove jewels when washing hands

Many people take off their jewellery while washing their hands. “That should absolutely not be done,” said Cotha, adding that the virus can stay on surfaces for long periods of time, and this can even mean jewellery – especially metal jewellery. “So, if you take off the jewellery, wash your hands, and put the jewels back on again – you are back to square one,” said Cotha.

If the jewellery – perhaps your ring or bracelet – has been contaminated with the virus; wearing them again after washing your hands would simply bring the germs to your hand. Therefore, when you wash your hands, it is encouraged that you do not take off your jewellery and wash it alongside. Soap and water would be best to get rid of unwanted germs from the jewellery and your hands.

Go for regular jewellery cleanse

There are some jewellery items that don’t work well with water. For example, silver might tarnish or lose its shine if washed with soapy water. Therefore, for such jewellery, it is recommended you go for regular jewellery cleanse.

Do not use sanitiser on organic gems

Since hand sanitisers and some anti-bacterial soaps can contain harsh chemicals, it is unwise to use them on jewellery – especially those with organic gems. If you love wearing pearls, opals, or even corals, they would either have to take a backseat at this time, or you must clean them in other ways and keep them away from sanitisers.

Avoid wearing watches

Unfortunately, if there is one accessory that is probably best left in a drawer during this pandemic – is the watch. This is because many watches aren’t soapy waterproof. Therefore, it can be a tad bit difficult to de-contaminate the watch after it’s been outside.

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